Terms of Use

Please, read carefully the terms of use of an Affiliate Program MyBonusDating.

In this Agreement you will find terms and conditions that apply to the person duly registered in the Affiliate Program MyBonusDating (hereinafter "Partner") participating in the program (hereinafter "Program") of the company MyBonusDating (hereinafter "MyBonusDating", "the Company").

1. Participation in the MyBonusDating Affiliate Program

Partner registers on the Company's website to entry into the Program. Partner's account will be activated automatically after completing the registration application. To start working with the Program, the Partner needs to complete the registration confirmation on his email.

Partner application is reviewed by the Company, and may be rejected if the Partner's site does not conform to the rules of the Agreement.

Automatically, there will not be tolerated such sites:

- promoting violence;

- promoting discrimination on various grounds;

- involving in illegal activities;

- violating the intellectual property laws.

The Partner has a right to reapply any time, if the application had previously been rejected by the Company. The Company has the right to terminate this Agreement if the Partner's site will not conform to the rules of the Agreement after acceptance of the application.

2. Links on Partner's Site

The Company opens access to various creatives and promotional materials, such as links, banners and so on. These materials are placed on the Partner's website.

For each order a unique HTML code is generated, which allows to properly track all actions of Partner's clients and automatically to count the Commissions.

Links placed on the Partner's website are in the present Agreement and mentioned as “Special Links”. They lead to the Company's website. If the use of Special Links is impossible on Partner's website, the Company will not be liable to the Partner for the correctness of accounting of sales or commission payments. Also, to work with the Company's website, "cookies" must be enabled, i.e. if cookies are disabled on the client's computer, then the Partner's client can not register on the Company's website.

Anytime the Company has the right to inspect the Partner's website, to clarify, whether it complies with this Agreement. The Company also reserves the right to confirm or not to allow all the links.

Partner is strictly prohibited:

- to use ads of a sexual nature for advertising the Company's website;

- to use the spyware programs.

3. Order Processing

All orders of customers, who came to the Company's website via Special Links from the Partner's ones are processed and executed by the Company. If orders are not consistent with the established rules, the Company may reject them. Also the Company processes the order forms, payments, refunds, rejections, and implements the service for users. The Company monitors the purchases of the Partner's clients, referred via Special Links, and provides the Partner with statistics of these purchases.

4. Commissions

Commissions are paid in accordance with the amount of registrations and purchases made by the Partner's customers who registered via Special Links.

4.1 Using "Per Each Order Program", the Partner gets the payments per each customer's purchase according to the amount of all purchases.

4.2 Program "Commission Per Leads" has two tariff plans - Standard and Special offers.

4.2.1. While working with Standard offer, the Partner will be accrued to $6 per registration when the conversion reaches 2% and more.

4.2.2. While choosing the Special offer, the Partner will be accrued to $9 per each registered user when the conversion rate will be 5% or more.

4.3 The referral program pays out 10% from the income of the webmasters invited by the Partner.

5. Money refunds

Payments will not be provided when the refunds reach 5%. Refund - returning of a payment after the credit card was processed by the system.

6. The payment of commissions to the partners

The payment of commissions occurs after the 10th of the month following the accounting one when the balance reaches $50. This sum takes into account the costs of transfer by the selected system. The Partner can specify a payment method, which is more convenient - Bank Transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer. The commission is paid on condition that this month the conversion is at least 2%, if the conversion is less – the Company transfers the payment for the next month.

In the program Commissions per Leads while selecting Standard offer any payments are accrued, when the conversion rate is 2% (Special offer* - 5%), with the account of the first purchase within 30 days after registration. Registrations which didn't reach the required conversion during the month are transferred to the month of payment, upon receipt of the required conversion. There are provided commissions, that do not exceed the amount of purchases included in the calculation. The Company may examine the accounts of partners, and if the rules of the Agreement are violated, the Company is entitled to defer payment of commissions of the partner for the period of clarifying this situation.

In the case when these violations have been confirmed, or have been done systematically, the Company has the right to remove the account of the Partner, who has violated the rules, without paying Commission.

In addition, in the case when the refund by the Partner's client was made, and payments for client's purchases had been paid to the Partner, then in the subsequent month this commission would be deducted from the Partner's balance. The Company can submit claims for compensation of the commission per the refunds if next month any commissions are not accrued on the Partner account.

The Company reserves the right to defer payments until the final clarification of the problem if the Rule of the Program mentioned in paragraph 6 was violated, or in the case of the refund.

7. Internal rules and tariffs

The Company has the right to change its terms, policies and workflows. Partner agrees with the changed policy, terms and workflows, if in the future the Partner participates in the Program.

8. Responsibility for Partner's website

Partner is responsible for the activities and technical support of his website and also for the materials, published on the site, namely:

- the equipment and the functionality of the website;

- placing Special Links;

- the quality of content that is published on the Partner's website should conform to the standards and not violate the rights of third parties;

- material published on the Partner's website should not be illegal;

- the Company is released from all claims and lawsuits, as well as from reimbursement of any costs (including the judicial costs and costs for lawyers), which relate to the promotion and maintenance of the Partner's website. The Company is not responsible for the above listed items.

Forbidden: Spam in search engines, news and newsletters. Spam - a pretext for litigation. Besides, MyBonusDating will not pay commissions earned in this way. Mailings, including Special Links, are allowed and encouraged, if you have a pre-subscription to your mailing list.

9. The Term of the Agreement

Once the Company accepts the application of the Partner, Agreement comes into effect and ends when one of the parties requires this. Also, either party may terminate the Agreement at any time, and the party that took the decision should notify another one in email about the termination of the Agreement. Then, the Partner must immediately remove the Company's materials from the website. Partner will receive the commissions that were earned up before the termination.

10. Changes

The Company has the right at any time to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In this case, the notice about these changes or the new Agreement will be posted. The Partner accepts new terms of the Agreement, while continuing to participate in the Affiliate Program

11. Disclaimers

The Company does not give any hidden or explicit guarantees regarding the Program or its products. In addition, the Company does not guarantee the absence of any interruptions and errors on the site, and is not responsible for the consequences of errors, if any.

12. Representations and Warranties

By accepting this Agreement, the Partner ensures that services, advertising and website, as well as the products offered by the Partner, do not and will not in the future:

- be illegal and transgress the laws and statutes;

- distribute pornographic materials or materials including child pornography;

- support and promote obscene materials;

- infringe copyright;

- promote violence and discrimination on various grounds;

- store and distribute materials that are offensive and carrying illegal threat;

- engage in fraudulent practices;

- use Spam and non-requested e-mail distribution;

- apply the files and other information streams that contain viruses, worms, Trojans.

The Partner also represents and warrants to the Company:

- The Partner is an adult and has the right to do business in the country which citizen the Partner is.

- Information that the Partner provides to the Company is complete and true. In case of changing Partner's address, bank accounts and other information which the Company requests, the Partner agrees to inform the Company about this.

- The content of the Partner's website, as well as goods and services provided by the Partner, do not violate laws, regulations and rights to the intellectual property, any personal and property rights.

- The Partner will comply with all local and national laws, which extend to this Agreement.

- According to the rules of this Agreement, the Partner agrees to enforce all its conditions. The Partner is notified of this and does not require the consent of any third parties for the fulfillment of such conditions.

- The Partner agrees with all the provisions of this Agreement, and agrees not to violate the Agreement on payment in accordance with any laws, rules, regulations, court decision, that apply, or are binding for performance by the Partner.

13. Confidentiality

The Company can transmit Partner the confidential information, which contains any corrections of this Agreement, related directly to the Partner's website and unavailable for the rest of Program Partners. Also, this concept contains information on monetary issues, information about MyBonusDating pricing; information about the Partners. Besides there will be considered confidential, any information marked as such during the term of this Agreement.

The Partner has no right to disclose Confidential information, and to use this data for personal, business or other purposes.

14. Independent investigation

Before joining the Program, the Partner has fully to read this Agreement and to agree to all its terms and conditions. The Partner states that is participating in the Program on his own and agrees to all its terms and conditions in this Agreement.