Pay Per Lead

This program helps affiliates earn a fixed amount for registrations of members from the list of certain countries at dating sites. We are interested in men 25+ years old. Get up to $10 for each lead (registration). The progressive scale of payments allows our affiliates to continually increase their income, because our commissions are the highest in dating industry. The more leads you refer to us - the higher income you get!

PPL(Pay Per Lead) Quantity of First Time Buyers/Lead(registrations)=%
1%$1 per lead(registration)
2%$2 per lead
3%$3 per lead
4%$4 per lead
5%$5 per lead
6%$6 per lead
7%$7 per lead
8%$8 per lead
9%$9 per lead
10%$10 per lead

We currently accept PAY PER LEAD traffic from the following countries:
USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, UAE, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil
You are paid just once in advance when the lead is formally created. It doesn't make a difference WHEN the lead was created. At the point when the lead convert to a FTB it will be tallied towards your FTB proportion for the present month.

Pay Per Sale(Per Each Order)

We offer significantly higher potential income by offering the chance to build your payments on our most prevalent services based up the quantity of new FTB's ("First Time Buyers") that you create every month. PPS Program participants have the opportunity to earn up to 30% from every order of their user . It is the best way to ceaselessly extend and develop your client base.
In view of this, as should be obvious underneath, we are compensating partners with higher offshoot commissions in light of the quantity of FTB's they create every month. FTB's are checked each month not matter WHEN the first "snap" or "enrollment" happened - regardless of whether it was weeks, months or years prior. It's an extraordinary motivation to manufacture our LIFETIME client base and gain significantly higher commissions!

First Time Buyers in MonthPayment

European group tour$50-$150
Individual Match Making$50, $100, $150

Pay Per First Order

The PPFO program is the best way to get highest earnings. You get paid a one time level charge in advance when one of your "leads"(registrations) changes over into a First Time Buyer regardless of how much cash they spend. As should be obvious beneath, the higher the quantity of FTB's you produce in any given month, the higher payout you get for every one.

New First Time BuyersPayment

2nd Tier Program

One of the types of earnings in MyBonusDating is a Referral Program. After all, you can also make money by referring new affiliates to our program. Advertise MyBonusDating program and as a referral partner, you will receive on a regular basis 10% of the income of webmasters whom you've invited.

Availible soon